Hello! Today we are going to talk about GraphQL and its enormous benefits.
For starters, and in case you are not familiar, GraphQL is a query language. In turn, a language is a system shared by two parts that allows them to communicate with each other.

GraphQL was born then as a data query protocol originally developed by Facebook for internal use. Since 2015 it exists in an open source version that has driven its development and that has generated many advantages and benefits. As the majority of Facebook users, we have already used GraphQL possibly without knowing it.

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Author: Alexis Lazzuri - Frontend Leader @ NextDots

End to end testing (e2e) is a type of software testing which purpose is to validate the correctness of our application, not only from its internal functioning but also regarding its integration with external systems or interfaces, such as if the app were in a production environment.

In other words, with e2e testing we could simulate real-time testing using production-like data and settings, to validate the entire app flow as if it were being used by a real user.

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